Monday, November 12, 2012

Ciate Caviar Manicure - Caviar Mini Bar Holiday Set

 If you're looking for just the review, it's at the bottom of this post, the rest is an overview of the set. :)

 I purchased the Caviar Mini Bar from Sephora for $29 U.S. It comes with eight mini paint pot nail polishes. Four of them are the caviar beads, and four are just regular nail polishes. It also comes with a funnel to pour the beads back into the bottle when you're done. The box looks like this:
And it has a cute note on the inside that looks like this:

I absolutely love the packaging.
Inside are the nail polishes and the funnel. This is what the four regular nail polishes look like:
From left to right, the color names are; knickerbockerglory, which is a fuscia pink, pom pom, which is a bright orange, sand dune, which is a pretty metallic gold color, and fit for a queen which is a metallic silver.
 Above are knikerbockerglory and pom pom closer up.
Above are sand dune and fit for a queen close up.

Here is a look at the four caviar beads:
Above is candyshop, which is a mixture of pink, golden-yellow, and teal beads.
Above is hologram, which is BY FAR my favorite one. It's clear beads, that turn colors when placed onto a polish (more detail will be shown below).
Above is jubilee, which is red, white, and blue beads. I also really like this one.
And lastly, this is prom queen, which is a combination of pink, blue, and white beads.

The polishes that I used were pom pom, with jubilee on top. This was a very pretty combination, I found that it lasted about 36 hours, but I was opening soda cans and curling my hair, so that messed with my beads. I also found that because I twirl my hair a lot, the oil from my hair took off some of the color of the beads.
This is what it looked like when I started: 

And this is what it looked like the next day,
You can see how many beads fell off and how the color changed from my hair oils. If you don't play with your hair or use a lot of things that have oil in them, the change shouldn't be so drastic after a day.

The second combination that I tried was the hologram pearls and a black nail polish that wasn't included in the set. I was curious to see what the result was if I used another brand of polish. Here's a picture of what it looked like at first: 
It looks like the picture is blurry, but that's how the beads reflect the light and photograph. I absolutely love this combination because these are the pearls that are white in the bottle, and this is what it looks like over a black polish. I hope that the pearls change differently depending on what color nail polish that they go over.
For the next picture, I turned the flash on so that you could see how many pearls fell off after a day because the black is really forgiving.

I found that most of the wear was around the sides of my thumb and pointer finger. I like the darker colors a lot better because they are so forgiving if the beads fall off.

Overall, I really like this manicure for a special occasion, I actually ordered the other advent calendar holiday set, so that's how much I love them. They are super easy to put on, all you do is paint your nails once, and then one by one, give your nail a second coat, pour the beads on, press them in, and move onto the next nail. The drying time is 20 minutes, so it dries faster than a normal manicure. I do find that they make simple tasks semi annoying and difficult, because you're trying not to make the beads fall off. I would suggest doing these when you might not have to wash your hair for a day or two. If you are in school or you have to do a lot of writing, it can be a little bit annoying. Sometimes, if you're doing your hair, the beads can fall off into your hair and that's slightly annoying also.