Friday, November 23, 2012

Combining My Favorite Trends

I decided to put together a quick outfit on my computer that shows my favorite trends for fall and my own personal opinion of a perfect fall outfit. It incorporates big sweaters, scarves, boots, jewel-toned pants, and gold accessories (which are my preference no matter what time of the year).

Here's a look at the outfit that I put together:

I'm really loving the Burberry inspired scarves this season. Also, another thing that I'm really enjoying is mixing black and brown. I like doing this by incorporating a scarf, sweater, pair of shoes, or anything really, that has black and brown mixed into it. For this example, the scarf is the item that ties the outfit together. If you think the red pants are too color coordinated, you could just wear dark jeans or leggings. I'm really obsessing over everything wine/burgundy colored also. I've always been obsessed with big watches and rings, which are also incorporated into this outfit.

The items in this inspirational look are staple items for fall and could be found almost anywhere. I really enjoy fall fashion because of all these opportunities.