Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Incorporating Shorts Into Your Fall Wardrobe / OOTD.

On warmer fall days, sometimes it can be fun to incorporate shorts into your wardrobe. My favorite way to do this is by wearing patterned tights. I love how patterned tights can bring a pop to your outfit. If you aren't as bold, solid colored tights can do the job also. I really love patterned tights with colored shorts. Red is a pretty universal color that can be worn during all seasons, which is why I love these shorts. Adding a scarf also gives it a nice fall touch. Wearing boots instead of flats also gives it more of a fall vibe and makes it less summer-y.

 My boots are from Boscovs I think? They're pretty old. My tights are from Ross, but I usually can find some cool patterned tights from Charlotte Russe. My shorts are from GAP and I love their line of colored shorts during the summer. My shirt is from Charlotte Russe and my scarf is from Tj Maxx. I got my bracelet from a jewelry store called Accents and my ring is from Charlotte Russe.