Wednesday, November 7, 2012

My New Fall Boots

I have been looking for boots like thisforever. I always see the same pair of boots on every girl that I see. I like that particular pair of boots, but why buy those when everyone else already has them? I remembered subscribing to a while ago, so I decided to check it out again and see if they had any boots. I stumbled upon these amazing boots called Heide (pictured left). These boots also come in black, but I tend to like the brown riding boots better. These boots hit just below my knee, which is the perfect height for my liking. They are also very comfortable and decently warm.
 I purchased these boots a month(ish) ago, and the shipping took about five days. I usually wear a size 6 1/2 in sandals, a 7 in flats, and a 7 1/2 in heels, so I went for the 7 1/2. At first, they were a little bit tight, but since they are faux-leather, they stretched a little bit and now fit perfectly. Because I have slightly large legs, I was worried about how they were going to fit around my calves. There is no problem with the fit and I personally don't think they look like they're too tight, either. They zip from the sole of the shoe to the top of the ankle. You can see that it has a pointed toe, which you may or may not like. I don't find that this pointed toe adds any extra length to my foot, which I know some people are concerned about.  Because of my larger legs, the material tends to scrunch at the bottom, which you may or may not also like. I'm not sure if the material will scrunch if you have smaller legs or not.

 Below  is a shot of the back of the boots (I apologize for the awkward-ness, it's kind of hard to take a picture of the back of your shoes by yourself). As you can see, there is a buckle detail on the straps. These buckles aren't actually functional, which I was a little bit disappointed about. Below that is a closer look at the buckle detailing. The metal is gold.

Finally, you can see that this boot has a little bit of a wedge. It's about an inch high, but it sometimes clicks when you walk, and sometimes it doesn't. It really all depends on what type of material that you are walking on. Because the heel sticks a little bit out over the top of the heel, it can tend to feel like you're stretching the shoe out. I'm not 100% sure if this is the case or not.
Here is the direct link to the shoes and more views: