Thursday, November 15, 2012

Nail of the Day-Wine

So right now, I'm OBSESSED with wine colored nails and Maybelline's new nail polishes, so obviously I had to have this nail polish. I couldn't wait to wear it and my caviar manicure died on the last day (it lasted 5 days by the way). So it was a no brainer to paint my nails this color.
 Here's a picture of the bottle and my nails in my room. The lighting here doesn't really show off it's true color, but I wanted to include this picture in case anyone was wondering what the Maybelline color show nail polish bottles look like if they're interested in checking these polishes out.

I really like these polishes because they're pretty cheap, and they're about half the size of a regular nail polish bottle. I don't know about any of you, but I've never finished an entire bottle of nail polish, so I'd rather spend less for a smaller bottle so that I don't feel like I'm wasting as much. They also go opaque in one and a half coats. If you apply a lot of polish at a time, one coat should be just fine. If you apply a little bit less the first coat, you may need a little bit more, depending on the polish.

 If you're wondering what the name of this polish is, it's #270- Dressed to Kill. I love this name. It perfectly fits this polish in my opinion.
 This is a more accurate picture of the actual color of the polish. I'm so obsessed with wine nails and dark colors that look almost black. My go-to color is black, so I'm always looking for extremely dark colors with a little bit of a tint to them.
And again, here's another picture of a more true color of the polish. I hope you enjoy!