Thursday, November 22, 2012

Products That I've Loved Since I Started Makeup

I found myself looking through all of the makeup that I left at home when I went back to college in August. I rediscovered some things that I've loved ever since I started getting really into makeup about 4 years ago. I thought this would be a good thing to talk about because it's basically my all time, never fail makeup products.

The first single eyeshadow that I fell in love with was Mary Kay's Granite Eyeshadow. It's a great color to wear on the lid, or in the crease. It's comparable to MAC's Satin Taupe eyeshadow, which is pretty popular. However, Granite is more wearable because it doesn't have the red tones that Satin Taupe has. Red eyeshadows can tend to make you look sleepy and bloodshot, so I definitely prefer Granite over Satin Taupe. I don't even have Satin Taupe in my collection any more, I swapped it on

The first eyeshadows that I ever started wearing were Maybelline's quad (set of 4) eyeshadows. These are great for beginners because they have the colors labeled for where they're supposed to go on your eye. I still have, and wear all of the quads that I wore in high school. The formula from the old shadows was pretty impressive, but I know that they revamped the formula, so I would assume that they are exceptionally impressive now. They have a variety of shades and they range from natural, to smokey, to colored eyeshadows. I definitely recommend these no matter how skilled you are at makeup.

A foundation that I've loved since I started makeup is the Revlon colorstay. I especially love this foundation because it has a line for oily/combination skin and normal/dry skin. I personally use the one for normal/dry skin and I've gone through a couple bottles of it. It looks so natural on the skin and doesn't transfer to your clothing or anything else that your face might brush up against. You can apply this foundation with a brush, your fingers, a wet sponge, a beautyblender, or whatever else you use to apply foundation and it still looks amazing. This foundation has pretty full coverage, but can easily be sheered out with moisturizer. Because this foundation is mostly full coverage, you don't have to apply more to get the coverage you desire, and therefore, you won't end up with a cakey looking face.

I've also always loved YSL lipsticks. I'm personally most fond of the Rouge Volupte line. I love how moisturizing these lipsticks are. And on top of being moisturizing, they're also very long wearing. They're so creamy and extremely pigmented. They literally feel like a lip balm when they're on. They're so pigmented that I typically just apply them to my bottom lip and rub my lips together to get the color to go on my top lip. They don't need gloss because they have a glossy finish, but they look very pretty with gloss on top. My personal favorite is #1, Nude Beige. It's definitely my go-to lipstick. These are pretty pricey but I think they're extremely worth it because they last forever.

And finally, a mascara that I've used ever since I started wearing mascara (which was about 8 years ago), is the Maybelline Colossal from the Volum' Express line. It comes in a yellow tube. This mascara is very lengthening and volumizing. It's extremely comparable to the Make Up For Ever Smoky Lash, but I find that this is even better. It's so dramatic but it can also be worn every day. I've gone through countless tubes of this mascara and I have yet to find anything better. It holds the curl of your eyelashes so well and your eyelashes don't fall throughout the day, which is a real problem for me because my eyelashes are pretty wimpy. I'm still on the hunt for a mascara that works better than this and I'll be sure to let you know when I find one.

Let me know what your makeup staples are:)