Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Rue 21 Jewelry

On Sunday I went to the mall to look for a scarf with skulls on it and I wandered into Rue 21 in hopes of finding one. I actually didn't end up finding one but I did find this pretty jewelry!

I wear a lot of different jewelry, so I'd rather buy cheap jewelry that I probably won't wear enough for it to turn back to copper.
I'm absolutely obsessed with bows, as you will be able to tell by the end of this post because three out of four of the items that I bought have bows on them.

I also prefer gold to silver, so that's why everything is in gold.

This bow ring was also available in black and silver. It's just a one finger, any size fits all ring. I prefer rings on my middle finger, so I don't mind rings with the stretchy band.

I believe this ring was $7.99
 Once again, with the bow theme here. I absolutely love how this ring sparkles. It reflects a bunch of different colors. This picture actually does a pretty good job at capturing the way that it reflects.

This is a two finger ring and it also is a one size fits all ring. It has an elastic gold band. I believe that gold was the only color that this ring is available in.

I can definitely this ring becoming one of my most grabbed for pieces of jewelry.

I think this ring was $6.99
 I absolutely love this bangle set. I'm obsessed with the bangle with the ribbon weaved through it. I like it because even if the ribbon does fall out, it will still make a cool bracelet on it's own.
I'm obsessed with layering bracelets so this was a no brainer for me.

However, I do think that the "pearls" do look a little cheap, so I would probably substitute something a little bit higher quality when I wear this bangle set.
I believe this was $7.99
Last, but not least, is this pretty pearl/flower bracelet. It reminds me so much of lace and lace is always a fashion staple.

The "pearls" in this bracelet don't look as cheap as the ones that come in the bangle set above, so I'm in love with this bracelet.

I wore this bracelet in one of my outfits of the day on my instagram (@prettygrlrants) so if you want to see it in action, I suggest checking that out :)

I don't remember how much this bracelet is, but nothing that I purchased today was oer $8.99

Because I couldn't find a skull scarf on my Sunday shopping trip, I ended up looking on amazon.com and I found one. You could say that I had a very successful shopping day ;)