Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Best Lip Balm I've Ever Tried

I have an obsession with chapsticks and lip balms so I've tried plenty of them. I used to have an obsession with EOS lip balms, but they have dried out my lips so badly over the years of using them. By the end, they had done more damage than good. I've also tried just the Chapstick brand lip balms and I'm personally not a fan of those because they aren't creamy enough and I can't get enough balm on my lips. I've also tried softlips and I don't really hate them, but they're a little too greasy for my taste. Another lip balm that I've tried is the Fresh Sugar Lip Balm and it's simply amazing, but for $22, I can't justify splurging on it again. Another great lip balm is Carmex. I love carmex and it always helps my chapped lips situation, but I absolutely can't stand the taste, and they don't make the cherry flavor in the squeeze tube.

I've always heard that putting Vaseline is good for your lips, but I'm not a fan of dipping my dirty finger into a pot of product, and then using my finger to apply the product. I also heard that if you ingest the Vaseline, it's not very good for your digestive system. That's why I'm very excited that I stumbled upon this product, the Vaseline Lip Therapy. There is another type, but I opted for the advanced formula. I love this because it's designed specifically for your lips, so it doesn't have the ingredients that regular Vaseline has in it, so it's a little better for your digestive system if you happen to lick your lips and swallow some of it. I also love this because it's a squeeze tube and I don't have to touch my finger to the product at any point. Another reason why I love this squeeze tube is because the hole to get the actual product out is very small, so you easily avoid getting too much product on your lips. If I have chapped lips, I can put this product on before I go to bed and I'll wake up with perfect lips that are no longer chapped. This is also very good for when the weather changes from hot to cold too many times and your lips start to crack. It takes a little longer than one day to fix that, but it's still faster than any other product that I've used. The product is not greasy like Vaseline is, and I love the feeling that it has on my lips.

I am so amazed at how quickly this product heals my lips. I think it also comes in cherry. I found it at Target over the summer, and so far I haven't seen it anywhere else yet (I haven't really been looking super hard, but I don't see it on any chap stick displays). I always have multiple tubes of this product so that I can always have it with me. If you have a lip balm addiction like I do, or if you get pretty bad chapped lips, this product is a definite to look into.