Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Two Cute Ways To Tie A Scarf.

I was messing around with some of my longer scarves today and I was trying to come up with new ways to tie them. I ended up coming up with two things, so I'm going to show you and attempt to explain how I did it!

Here's a look at the finished product of the first one. If you follow me on instagram, you might have seen that I put a picture of this way up today.

 Step 1: Get your scarf. I liked having a longer scarf, but if you can get the same effect, it really doesn't matter how long your scarf is.

 Step 2: Before wrapping the scarf around your neck, fold it in half.

 Step 3: Wrap the scarf around your neck like so. (This cup is acting as a neck because it's impossible to take pictures of yourself doing this).

 Step 4: Pull one of the ends of the scarf through the looped end of the scarf. Be sure to leave the other end out of the loop, we'll do that one next.

Step 5: Pull the end through and it should look like this:

 Step 6: Turn the looped end of the scarf over. This way, the second end of the scarf will go over the top side of the looped end and make the woven effect.

 Step 7: Pull the second end of the scarf through the looped end.

 Step 8: Pull the end the whole way through and you'll end up with this woven effect on the scarf.

Here's a look at the second way. This will have your scarf tied in a cute little bow.

 Step 1: Start with your scarf stretched out. This look definitely needs a longer scarf, as it ends up being quite short.

 Step 2: Loop the scarf around your neck. The cup is also acting as a neck again in this tutorial.

 Step 3: Starting at about the middle of the ends of the scarf, pinch them together so that it looks something like this:

Step 4: Tie the two pinched ends into a knot. Only knot once. The bow should feel loose and like it might fall out at this point.

Step 5: Take the two strands of scarf that end up being the strings to the bow and tie them in a knot under the bow to secure it. And you're done!

Comment below and share your favorite ways to tie a scarf!