Saturday, December 29, 2012

Because Not Everyone Can Wear Tons of Glitter on NYE

Personally, where I'm going for a New Years Eve party, wearing a glitter dress or skirt would make me look extremely overdressed to the point where I would feel so awkward. Usually I don't mind being overdressed, but I would look overdressed even in a dress without glitter on it. Because glitter is the go-to fashion statement for NYE, I decided to show you more wearable ways of adding glitter to your NYE outfit.

These looks go from extremely casual, to semi-dressy, to semi-formal, so there should be something for everyone!

I filmed this video at the same time that I filmed my green smoky eye, so I haven't gotten the hang of talking to a camera and everything else, which is why I'm still extremely awkward on camera, so please bear with me until I figure everything out.

Here's another look at the pictures from the last outfit in the video: