Monday, December 10, 2012

DIY Snowflake Festive Nails

It's time for another holiday themed nail tutorial! I decided to go for snowflakes because you can do these nails even if you don't celebrate Christmas, because my other two were Christmas related!

What you're going to need for this nail design:
  • A light/sky colored polish. I used Revlon's Dreamer (410)
  • A glitter polish to mimic smaller snowflakes. I used Essie's Shine of the Times
  • A white polish. I used Sally Hanson's White On
  • Nail dotters, the end of a bobby pin, or a precision nail brush.

After you apply a base coat, paint your nails with whatever color you chose to be the color of the sky.

Wait until that dries, then apply the glitter on every nail.

After that dries, paint the snowflake. Below is a step-by-step on how to make the snowflake.
(I did this tutorial on a paper plate with a black polish so that I could show you how to use the bobby pin to make this, on my nails, I used a nail dotter).

If you're using a bobby pin, all you have to do is bend it as straight as you can so that the other end doesn't get in the way, and dip the little rubber cover in the polish and use that as your dotter!

Step 1: Make a horizontal line wherever you want your snowflake to be on your nail. I put mine slightly off center.

Step 2: Make an X across the horizontal line so that your snowflake has six points.

Step 3: Add little V's to the end of each point on the snowflake.

Step 4: (optional) Add little wisps on each point, just below each V that you just made. You'll want to use quick strokes for this if you're using a bobby pin since you only have one size point to work with. If you're using a nail dotter, switch to one with a smaller point.

And you're done! Just wait until you're 100% sure that your snowflake is dry before you put your top coat on, otherwise it'll smear.