Thursday, December 20, 2012

Holiday Outfit Idea #1

 As women, we all know the pains of picking out an outfit. When a special occasion comes around, we tend to stress even more about what to wear. I'm going to be doing outfit posts to give you some inspiration for what you want to wear to holiday parties, new years eve, and if you go to church, your Christmas Eve church service outfit! I'm going to try to style these outfits with classic pieces that most people own, so that you don't have to spend any money on your outfits this year!

This outfit is dressy but still keeps you warmer than if you were wearing a dress in this cold winter weather! It's girly, feminine and perfect for a special occasion!.

Colored pants are really in style lately, so it's not uncommon to own red pants. Most people own a classic black blazer and a top with a beaded neckline. Almost every woman owns a pair of nude pumps and jewelry to spice up the outfit!

 I'm going to show you how to keep this colored pants trend looking timeless so that you won't look back on your pictures and wonder what fashion statement you were trying to make.

If you're not a heel girl, make the look a little more comfortable and trendy with these leopard loafers from Target!

My red jeans are from Old Navy, my heels are from Guess, my white top and blazer are both from Charlotte Russe, my watch is from Shoedazzle and my ring is from Rue 21.

This outfit is trendy and fancy enough to rock on New Years Eve, but it's also classic and conservative enough to wear to church! It's definitely going to be hard to decide what I wear this holiday season!