Wednesday, December 5, 2012

L'oreal Project Runway Quad - The Temptress' Gaze Review

I was at CVS the a couple of days ago and I noticed a huge L'oreal display where the limited edition and new stuff is and I saw four individual collections for L'oreal. L'oreal occasionally has Project Runway collections like this, but these were pretty huge. They had four individual collections with nail stickers, lip sticks, lip glosses, nail polish, eye liner, and eyeshadow. I wasn't really too interested in anything besides two of the eyeshadow quads. I only picked up one, but the other one that I was interested in was a smoky palette with blacks, greys, and silvers. This one is a more every day color scheme, with a pop of color. I love using green eyeshadow, so this was right up my alley.

The quad is called The Temptress' Gaze. Here are some pictures of the quad and how it swatches. I'm also going to review this palette.

 This is what the palette looks like. I love how sleek and cute the packaging is. It's pretty thick plastic, so it doesn't seem like it's going to break if it were to be dropped. I also like how it has a clear top so that you can see all of the colors when you go to do your makeup that day. Personally, I have so much makeup that I tend not to use thins without clear tops because I forget what they look like and I don't really take the time to look inside because I'm usually in a rush.

On the back of the palette, you can see the name. One thing that I wish these quads had was step by step instructions for how to apply the shadow colors. I personally don't need this instruction, but it would be nice to have that for beginners.

 Here's a look at the colors included in this palette. There's a medium gold on the top right which, off of the top of my head, looks to be pretty similar from Urban Decay's Half-Baked eyeshadow. On the bottom right is a matte, dark brown color. I don't have anything to compare this color to. On the bottom left, is a satin finish green color. This color looks like it might have a little bit more of a blue tint than MAC's Humid might have. And finally, in the top left, is a medium bronze color. This looks like it might be similar to Urban Decay's smog, but a little lighter and less shimmery.

I show the colors with the flash on to show that there isn't any colors with visible glitters in them. It also shows what the shadows might look like if you're planning on being photographed.

 And finally, here are the swatches of each color. As you can see, each color has about the same payoff. Matte colors can be tricky to work with because they tend to be dry, and this matte brown color has a lot of color payoff and was easy to blend when I wore it in the outer corner of my eye.

I did notice that the matte brown and the green weren't as creamy and smooth as the gold and the bronze, so these might not be ideal lid colors, because they might not become opaque on the lid.
This is just my assumption, because I haven't actually used those colors on my lid.

I love how L'oreal threw the green in there, but I do notice that the green is a little cool-toned compared to the other colors. This is also what I find with the brown. When you use the brown over the bronze or gold, it gives it the warm undertone that really ties the look together.

I think this palette was about $8. I'm very glad that I picked this up, because I don't have a lot of eyeshadow quads with this type of color combination. I can tell that this is going to come with me a lot when I travel, because it has the green in it that I like so much, and instead of taking a couple quads and then a green eyeshadow, I can just take this. Hopefully this limited edition collection is still out where ever you live and I highly recommend checking it out if you're interested!