Monday, December 31, 2012

Navy Smoky Eye (Good For New Years Eve)

If you couldn't tell by now, when I do a smoky eye, I usually don't do a neutral colored one. This is my go to blue smoky eye. Because blues are so hard to work with and can make you look like you're stuck in the 80's, I recommend using a navy blue. I used to do this look all the time last year, but I kind of forgot about it until now. If you're seeing this before NYE, this can be a great look that isn't super dramatic.

I used Urban Decay's 15th Anniversary Eyeshadow palette, which was Limited Edition. If you got your hands on this palette and are wondering how to use the center row of shadows, the colorful ones, this is a great tutorial.

If you don't have UD's palette, I also do this look with two L'oreal infallable shadows, the navy blue (I forget what it's called, sorry)! And Iced Latte.

Here are some more pictures of the look!