Saturday, January 5, 2013

Can You Give Yourself A Gel Manicure From the Drugstore?

I was in the nail polish aisle in Rite Aid, (like always) and I always look at the Nutra Nail Gel Manicures. The specific name is the Nutra Nail Gel Perfect 5 Minute Gel Color Manicure. It claims that it "Sets rock solid in 5 minutes to a patent leather shine." It also claims that it's going to stay on until you remove it. They're $12.99 I believe, so I could never justify spending that much on such a tiny bottle of nail polish. But this time, they were on clearance for 75% off, which brought the price down to about $2.99? So I thought, hey, for three dollars, why not buy it? A lot of the clearance shades were pretty ugly, but I found a dusty pink color that wasn't terrible looking. I was talking to my mom about it and she said that she liked the color and she would try it out.
Nutra Nail Gel Mani Packaging
Nutra Nail Activator, Brush Cleaner, and Gel Color
So here's a video of me applying the gel manicure on my mom's nails. This manicure has very specific steps, so be sure to follow them when applying this mani.

Right after applying the manicure, my mom claimed that her finger nails felt heavy and that it was a little bit uncomfortable. The next morning she didn't find that her nails felt heavy anymore. The manicure also took less than five minutes to completely dry. We also noticed that the activator smelled a lot like super glue.

About 18 hours after this was applied, my mom had a pretty significant chip on her ring finger. The next day, she had another chip in her polish.

She ended up only keeping it on for three or four days.

If you need a manicure to last for a significant amount of time, I definitely wouldn't recommend this gel manicure. I would say go to the salon and get it done.

BUT, if you're looking for a nail polish that's extremely fast drying, this is an amazing product for that. It was completely hard to the touch in less than five minutes. It's very good if you're looking to paint your nails and head right out the door. You can also use this about three or four times because the bottle is so small.

My mom removed this with 100% acetone and had no problems getting it off.

Overall, I would just recommend this if you need a fast drying polish. But for $13 for such a small product, it's a little overpriced in my opinion. I'm curious to test this on my own nails. I suspect that the wear wouldn't be any different if I was to apply it to my own nails.