Saturday, January 19, 2013

NARS Orgasm Blush Exact Dupe

So if you know a little bit about makeup, watch makeup videos on youtube, or read makeup blogs, you probably know that NARS's Orgasm blush is supposed to give you the most amazing glow ever. I used to own this blush until I got another blush that is literally the exact same, but cheaper. I swapped my Orgasm blush on and kept the other one. I still have the NARS Orgasm Multiple, which can be used on your cheeks, eyes, or lips. I compared the two and now I'm going to show you how similar they are.

I would consider this a dead on dupe. These are exactly the same. The only thing is that the multiple version of Orgasm gives more of a sheen just because it's a cream. The powder version is less shiny so it ends up being the exact same.

The blush that dupes NARS's Orgasm is the Mary Kay blush in the color Shy Blush. It's an amazing color.

here's a video talking about the dupe:

and here's the comparison of the two!

You can't deny that these are extremely similar, if not the exact same color. I personally think that they're the exact same.

The NARS blush is $28 and I believe the Mary Kay is $10. So you're saving $18. Who doesn't want to save $18 dollars, right? Go get it now, thank me later!