Tuesday, January 15, 2013

PLL Tuesday- Shay Mitchell's Curled Hair

If you didn't see last Tuesday's post, I am starting a series where every Tuesday, I'm going to post a tutorial on a look from last week's Pretty Little Liars episode. I'm going to be doing hair, fashion, or makeup. Last week I did Aria's Halloween makeup so if you want to see that, click here!

In last week's episode, the makeup didn't really impress me like it usually does, so I decided to do a tutorial on Shay Mitchell's (Emily) hair. It had very natural waves all over the head and then the two pieces around her face had very structured curls. I have layers in my hair, so it doesn't look exactly the same, but it's the same concept!

Here's the inspiration picture that I used for her hair
 And here's how my hair turned out!

My hair holds a curl really well and I have layers, so it looks a little less natural. But if your hair doesn't hold a curl or you don't have layers, this will fall really nicely to look like Shay's hair!

Here's how I did it!