Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Products That I've Used Up - Part One (Makeup)

So it's coming to the end of my spring semester at college and ever since the start of the semester, I've been saving up the products that I used. I ended up using so much that I had to break it up into categories, makeup and non-makeup items. So here's what I used up in my attempt to downgrade my collection!

 I used up a sample of Benefit's Hoola Bronzer. I got about three or four uses out of this, so I feel that I got a pretty good feel of how I like this product. I used this for contouring only, not overall bronzing. I think it did a pretty good job at contouring. I wouldn't say that it was the best contouring powder that I ever used. I was considering buying the full size of this product and I'm going to keep it on my list for the next time I need a new bronzer.

 Next was the ELF (eyes lips face) Under Eye Concealer & Highlighter. I've had this for a while, so I wanted to get it out of my collection. I actually ended up liking this product a lot more than I remembered liking it in the past. I didn't really use the highlight side as much as the concealer. The concealer was very hydrating for the under eye area. If Target stocks this product, I will definitely purchase it the next time I run out of an under eye concealer. If I have to order it online, though, I'll pass. I don't love it enough to pay for shipping.

 The next product was the Revlon ColorStay Foundation for Normal/Dry Skin. I had this product for a long time and I have a love-hate relationship with it. It's a perfect match for my skin tone. The downside is that it really stains my beauty blender and can dry out my skin too much if I don't moisturize right before applying this foundation. It does last a very long time which I like. I also tried the Maybelline Superstay 24 hour foundation and I think I like that a little bit better. It might be a while before I purchase this product again.
 Next was the Maybelline Cat Eyes Colossal Volum Mascara. I got this because I love the regular Colossal Volum Mascara and decided to give this a try. I typically hate curved mascara wands, so I don't know why I tried this one, because I hated the wand. I love the formula, but I just don't like curved mascara wands. A lot of people say that they make their lashes more curled but for me, they're less curled with curved wands. I definitely won't be buying the cat eyes Colossal anymore.

 The next product I finished was the NYX eyeshadow in true taupe. I used to use this color to fill in my brows, but then I dyed my hair black and it was too light. After that I used it as a crease color on a daily basis. I loved this color and I will definitely buy it again when I use up more of my eyeshadows. It's very pigmented and gives a lot of payoff. It's a great subtle-ish crease color

 As you can see, this product isn't finished. I'm throwing this away because it's old and I have a YSL lipstick in a similar color that I like better. I like this formula of Maybelline lipsticks a lot. This shade is called Born With It, a neutral pink. It's a great every day color. I got a good amount of use out of it. I won't be buying this exact color again, but I will continue to purchase lipsticks from this line.

 This is a sample of the Tarina Tarintino Pearl Glow Primer. I liked the finish of this product, but not the consistency. I prefer the L'oreal Magic Lumi primer because it's less thick and a little more liquidy. It's also a lot more wallet friendly. They give extremely similar finishes, so I won't be purchasing this product again.

I also used up the Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Eyeliner. I wasn't very fond of this eyeliner because the tip was too flimsy and none of the "ink" made it to the tip, so you could never get a thin line. I typically like this style of liquid eyeliner best but I wont be repurchasing this product.

This is the Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes Mascara. I really like this mascara but it dries out extremely quickly. I only buy this when Sephora or Ulta are having deals. This doesn't hold a curl very well so it's not a holy grail mascara or anything. I'll probably wait a while before repurchasing this product.
I didn't finish this product, I just hate it so much that I need it out of my collection. This is the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in the color Tokyo. This specific color made me look dead so it was very unflattering. It's also hard to build up layers of this product, the applicator just moves it around on your lips. Even though I don't like this particular color, I don't love the formula either so I won't be purchasing any more colors from this line.

This is the Milani HD Advanced Concealer. I absolutely love this product. It's actually discontinued :( which is very sad, so I'm going to buy it off of Amazon. It's a great under eye/highlighing
concealer so it adds amazing dimension to the face when combined with contouring. I also like how light this shade is because when I try to highlight, the fairest color is usually a match for my skintone, so it doesn't actually lighten those areas. This is a holy grail product for me.
This is the L'oreal Power Volume 24 Hour Mascara. I was using 24 hour mascaras for a while because I had a problem with mascaras smudging under my eyes, but this also smudged so I won't be repurchasing this again.
The last product is a sample of the Chanel Perfection Lumiere Foundation. I really enjoyed this foundation but I have my eyes on the Vitalumier Aqua foundation instead. I'm probably going to buy the Vitalumier Aqua the next time I run out of foundation, but I'll keep this foundation in mind when I run out of the Vitalumier Aqua. It gives a flawless finish to the face, but it has chemicals in it that aren't very good for your skin. I did really enjoy it though. I'll probably keep getting samples of it until I end up buying it.