Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Covergirl Flamed Out Shadow Pencil Swatches + Mini Review

If you saw my Sighting - New Covergirl Products post, you would have seen the pictures of the new Covergirl display that I saw at my CVS. I said in that post that I picked up one of the colors. I picked up the green one because I love green eyeshadow and the nude colors weren't very appealing to me.  Go check out that post to see some of the color options for these pencils.

 Another one of those products that once you peel the plastic off, you remove the color name. This green color is called Ashen Glow.

If you're wondering, that's actually wood around the product. This seems to be a little smaller in diameter than a NYX Jumbo pencil so that should be interesting to sharpen.

Obviously the green (and not the blue), swatch is a picture of Ashen Glow Flamed Out Pencil Swatched.

My Thoughts : 
Upon applying this product, it adds a cooling sensation to your skin. It lasted a lot longer on my hand when I swatched it than when I applied it to my eyelids. It's not extremely noticeable but it was unexpected. This color is subtle enough that you could wear it everyday as a normal eyeshadow color. I only wore it for 6 hours with no eyeshadow over it and I saw no creasing at all. My eyelids are pretty oily and using MAC Painterly paintpot as a primer makes my eyeshadows crease. I did see a little bit of fading but not enough that any one else would notice. If there were more colors that appealed to me, I would probably pick up some more!