Saturday, June 8, 2013

Maybelline Falsies Big Eyes Mascara First Impressions

If you saw my New Stuff From the Drugstore + Clothing Haul or my More New Drugstore Displays - L'oreal, Maybelline, Covergirl, etc... posts, you may have seen that I purchased Maybelline's newest mascara, The Falsies Big Eyes. I purchased mine in the waterproof formula because I want my makeup to stay on in the heat. This mascara has two brushes, one for you top lashes and one for the bottom lashes. I was majorly sucked in by this because of my mascara smearing onto my under eye area issue. This is the second time I used this mascara and I'm liking it a lot. So far I don't think it's the best mascara I ever used, but I do enjoy it. Below are some pictures of what it looks like on my lashes. My top lashes are relatively short and really straight. They don't hold a curl well at all. My bottom lashes are very long and I have a lot of them. Sadly this is not a before and after comparison, my right eyelashes are just that sad looking.

This mascara holds my curl amazingly. It makes my lashes look really separated and volumized at the same time. It does a little bit for length but not super amazing things. I wouldn't say it gives me a false eyelash look. It looked like this all day and I had it on for 12 hours. It doesn't smudge on to my under eye and I do have problems with waterproof mascara smudging. I like the concept of the lower lash line brush but I love to pile on the mascara on my bottom eyelashes but this bottom eyelash mascara brush is not doing it for me. It's fine for every day use but when I really want to accentuate my bottom eyelashes, I won't be reaching for this mascara. It applies very little product to the bottom eyelashes, which, for a lot of people, would be a good thing I suspect. I can see myself repurchasing this mascara but I don't see it becoming a holy grail mascara. Maybelline mascaras do have a reputation of becoming amazing after they dry out for about a week so I'll definitely give you a final review.

Side View of the Upper Lashes Brush

Top View of the Upper Lashes Brush

Bottom Lashes Brush

Comparison of the Two Brushes

As you can see in the pictures, the upper lashes brush is more flat than rounded. Both of the brushes are the imitation hair material, not the rubber bristles. The upper lash brush also has a spiral direction to the bristles. The lower lash brush has an overall spiral brush, not little wispy hairs like the upper lash brush.