Friday, July 5, 2013

Review: Rimmel Show Off Lip Lacquer - Luna

Warning: this is a very picture-heavy blog post.

If you're obsessed with makeup, or spend a lot of time watching youtube videos about makeup, you probably heard about the Rimmel Apocalips which are over in the UK, well they're here in the US and they're called Show Off Lip Lacquers. For more information about the lip laquers, go to this post to see the full display and color range.

The shade that I will be reviewing today is called Luna. I would describe it as a light-medium toned peach color. It has no shimmer.

For the time being, these are located at Walgreens and are $4.49, so they're extremely affordable.

Today I tested the wear of the shade Luna and I'm going to report my results  to you so that you can have a better idea of if you want to pick this up or not. *I didn't touch up at all during this test.

The applicator on these is very interesting. It has an indent in the middle so that a lot of product can be applied with one dip in the tube.

Ok, now on to the test of the lasting power. These pictures were taken right after I applied the product on to my lips. Keep in mind I have a light skin tone with pink undertones, so this may not flatter everyone.

Thoughts upon applying: the smell is not pleasant, but isn't noticeable after it is applied to the lips. The formula feels nice on the lips but enhances my lip wrinkles a little bit. Doesn't feel sticky at all.

These pictures were taken after an hour of wear with minimal talking and no eating or drinking. The bottom picture is to show a comparison between my actual lip color and the color of this product.

Thoughts after one hour: slight fading, the color looks less peach and more pink. It felt a tiny bit dry but didn't appear dry on the lips. Overall still very comfortable and looks pretty much the same color as when it was first applied. Still no stickiness 

This is a picture of what the product looked like on my lips after 2 hours, some conversations and again, no eating or drinking.

Thoughts after two hours: a little more drying, not anything unbearable, starting to gather a tiny bit where my top and bottom lip meet and also in the corners of my mouth. Color hasn't changed from an hour ago. Starting to take on some staining properties.

And finally, this is what it looked like after three hours of no eating or drinking.

Thoughts after three hours: I would say that all the peachyness of the color has faded, but there is still some color left behind. This isn't my natural lip color. It was decently drying/uncomfortable but it still didn't look drying on the lips. I was really hungry by this time and I could tell that the color wasn't going to change a lot in another hour, so I took it off. Before I took it off, I did a test on my hand to see how much would come off by this point. As you can see below, not very much product came off, and this had stained my lips. Not an insane amount of color in the stain, but still different than my natural lip color.

Final thoughts: If you don't mind reapplying or keeping a similar toned lipgloss with you, I would say that these are amazing. I think that after the color faded and it got a little dry, reapplying wouldn't help with the dryness at all. I would say wipe the color off, apply a lip balm, and then reapply. If you don't mind the color fading, these are good for a stain type product. It doesn't fully stain and some product still comes off, but enough is left behind. Keep in mind that this is a more neutral color and that the brighter colors might not stay on like this color did. I already picked up another color because I liked this so much and for $4.49, you can't go wrong.